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Many people have served as secretaries, camp directors and countless other positions. It is impossible to pay tribute to each one. All pastors, counselors and anyone who has served should be remembered. They have given countless hours in service to God.

Financing of the camp operations comes from donations, regular support from many churches in our area and the fees charged to campers and retreat groups. There is no way to mention all of the services rendered or donations made over the years.


  • Plans for Cedar Glade Baptist Encampment began to materialize.
  • In a specially called meeting on June 20th, the Board of Control of Ravenden Springs Baptist Encampment voted to accept an offer of forty acres near Imboden, Arkansas from Mr. and Mrs. O. H. McKamey, Jr. for a future camp site.


  • The future camp was given the name of Cedar Glade in February. Phase I was presented to the six cooperating associations: Green County, Trinity, Black River, Current-Gaines, Big Creek, and Rocky Bayou. These associations had a total of 139 Southern Baptist churches.


  • As funds came in, a road was constructed through the undeveloped cedar thicket.
  • Construction of buildings began.


  • In March, two cabins were almost finished and electrical service was complete within the camp.
  • The last year of camp at Ravenden Springs was held, completing it's forty-one year history.
  • In November, Joe Loghry, former pastor of Imboden First Baptist Church, was hired to serve as Camp Manager. A mobile home was provided for him and his family within the camp.


  • Slabs were poured and more cabins were built.
  • In February, two metal buildings which served as the tabernacle and dining hall were moved from Ravenden Springs to the camp.
  • A recreation building was constructed.
  • In June Cedar Glade Baptist Encampment officially opened.
  • It was a time of victory when Greene County Association enrolled 307 campers for the first week of camp, June 18th to the 22nd.
  • Cedar Glade Camp was dedicated on July 21st, giving God the glory for an enrollment of 1601 associational campers and 208 professions of faith by that point.
  • By fall Cedar Glade had six cabins, a tabernacle, recreation building, dining hall, bathhouse and swimming pool.


  • Current-Gaines Association constructed and furnished a divided 100-bed cabin located near the swimming pool, bringing the number of cabins to 7.
  • A camp flag contest was conducted for the youth of six associations. The winning design was made by Nancy Jackson of Trinity Association. Her design incorporated cedar trees, a cross, a Bible and recreational equipment.
  • Late in the summer, Walnut Ridge Baptists (and others) constructed the first teaching pavilion. Since then, five other pavilions have been added by various churches and associations.
  • A natural rock area is designated for evening campfires.


  • In May, Phases I and II were officially completed.
  • Greene County installed central heat in the six 40-bed cabins.
  • The lodge was constructed and was dedicated on June 2nd.


  • A maintenance and storage structure was constructed.


  • Three RV sites were equipped near the dining hall. Since then 9 others have been installed in a flat area not very far from the tabernacle and dining area.


  • Labor Day was designated as a memorial day for Currey Coker.


  • After more than eleven years of beneficial service, Joe Loghry resigned as Camp Manager in February.
  • Howard Pankey, a pastor in the Black River Association, was selected to fill the the position.


  • A house for the manager was built.


  • AC was installed in the cabins and it proved to be a success.


  • An open pavilion was constructed near the swimming pool.


  • In March, new By-Laws and a Personal Book were approved.


  • A multi-purpose addition to the dining hall was constructed and was ready for use in June.
  • One of the Cabins (Cabin 6) was unsatisfactory because of its location and overall condition. It was voted in September to build a new structure to replace cabin 6.


  • A new cabin to replace cabin 6 was completed and could accommodate 60 persons.
  • Frank Casillas was chosen as assistant manager.
  • The extension of the tabernacle extended space 40 ft. by 60 ft. Green County Association assumed this project which also included enclosing the building and adding air conditioning.


  • A new nurses station was completed.
  • A 40 ft. by 80 ft. metal building was donated by the Black River Association.


  • New paint and new mattresses were put in cabins 1 through 5.

Cedar Glade Baptist Encampment is on the move into the future to the glory of God, and a maintenance home and motel building are in the works.

  December 2019  
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