• Any person coming to the Cedar Glade Baptist Encampment must register upon arrival with the Camp Manager or Camp Director.
  • Written permission (registration card on back) from parents or guardian must be presented at time of registration to swim in the pool, and also for the Camp Manager or Camp Director to take you to see a doctor and treat you in his best judgement in case you have an accident or become ill.
  • Each camper will furnish his own linens, towels, soap, pillow, and personal items.
  • Any damage done to the camp property beyond normal wear will be paid for by the church or group responsible.
  • The camper and church worker must observe the rules of the camp, cooperate with the Director and Counselors, report any sickness or accident to the Director, and cannot leave the grounds without permission of the Camp Director.


  • Leaders of all groups will be responsible for the conduct of their groups and the enforcement of all rules and regulations.
  • Campers are to be properly chaperoned by one (1) adult man counselor for every ten (10) boys or less and one (1) woman counselor for every (10) girls or less. Counselors for Pre-Teen campers must be at least nineteen (19) years old. Counselors for Jr. High and High School campers must be twenty-one (21) years of age or above or have completed one year of college.
  • Campers will not be permitted to leave the grounds until dormitories and surrounding grounds are clean and in proper order and/or arrangements have been made with the Camp Manager.
  • Nothing may be moved from one place to another without the permission of the Camp Manager.
  • All injuries must be reported immediately to the nurse or Camp Manager and prior to leaving the camp.
  • All campers and counselors are expected to attend all regular activities. (Worship, Classes, and Recreation Activities)
  • No persons or groups may enter another cabin unless invited. You are expected to stay with your own group.


  • Food and drinks are not permitted in the Worship Tabernacle and Teaching Pavilion.
  • All litter shall be deposited in proper receptacles.
  • Absolutely no riding on outside of cars.
  • After arriving on camp grounds all vehicles must remain parked. (Exceptions must be cleared with the Camp Directors)
  • No fireworks or firearms are allowed on the camp grounds.
  • No smoking on the assembly grounds. Visitors must observe this rule.
  • No drugs, alcoholic beverages or anyone under the influence of either will be tolerated on the Cedar Glade Encampment grounds.
  • Water balloons, water guns and shaving cream capers will not be allowed.
  • NO FIRES except in designated areas.
  • No radios, T. V.'s, cassette or CD players, etc. will be allowed at camp.
  • Campers are not to have electronic games, computers, cell phones, pagers, or 2-way radios.


  • All groups using the pool must be accompanied by adult leadership.
  • There will be NO SWIMMING except during designated swim periods with a certified/qualified lifeguard on duty.
  • No "cut-offs" shall be worn in the swimming pool.


  • Everyone on the assembly grounds must be modestly dressed in keeping with the highest Christian character and Christian ideals. Only shorts no shorter than six (6) inches above the bottom of the knee will be allowed. Short Shorts, rolled-up shorts, hot pants, too tight blue jeans or slacks, halter tops, bare midriffs, cutoff jeans and shorts with slits, tee shirts with indecent slogans or pictures must not be worn at any time. No shorts will be worn in the evening worship service.
  • All campers will be modestly covered going to and from the swimming pool. (Beach towel or robe)
  • All girls will be required to wear a T-shirt over a 2-piece bathing suit.
  • Shoes and shirts will always be worn except at the swimming pool.
  • The counselor is responsible for the enforcement of the dress regulations.

Camp Directors are authorized to make any additional rules which they deem necessary for their individual


  April 2021  
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